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Grace Anne Williamson gifting the 111 year old sampler to 94 year old Isabel

Grace Anne Williamson gifting the 111 year old sampler to 94 year old Isabel


Our latest family history item repatriated…Maggie Grant’s 94 year old niece is gifted her beautiful sampler!

My name is Anne Marie McAleese and I am the great niece of Meg(Maggie) Grant. Last night we were repatriated with Maggie’s sampler which she sewed 111 Years ago! This is indeed a wonderful discovery for my 94 year old mum, Isabella McCarron, as she had no idea where aunt Meg’s sampler had gone after her death in 1976, aged 86 years. My great aunt’s last days were spent in Nazareth House in Aberdeen but she spent the majority of her life in her home village of Tomintoul and it was at the local school there that she embroidered the sampler in 1903, aged 14 years!

Grace Anne bought the sampler at an antiques fair in the West end of Glasgow a year ago but decided to seek the help of her friend Stephen King and his innovative Reunitems site to see if there were any living relatives of Meg as she wanted to reunite a family member with the sampler if possible. After two months of searching various sources, Stephen located the area Meg came from and an article in the Press and Journal came up trumps, as my cousin in Elgin, Iain McAllister, having read the advert, contacted me last Wednesday and set the wheels in motion and Grace Anne and Stephen presented my mum with the sampler on Monday 17th February.

A lovely end to a heart-warming story-what a small world we live in, eh and what an excellent way to bring special things and people together?

Having received this gift, Isabella & Anne Marie made a donation through Reunitems to our charity of the month Operation Smile!

Maggie Grant’s family found! With help from the Aberdeen Press & Journal!

After an article in the Aberdeen Press & Journal by Kaye Nicholson, Maggie’s family have come along with a family tree and proven a connection. This means now, our member, Graceanne Williamson will gift the Sampler ( A3 sized and framed ) to Maggie’s 94 year old relative.

A link to the article and photographs will be added shortly! Watch this space!

Marvelous Myrtle

Myrtle is featured on Daily Record, with journalist Craig McQueen covering VW camper van’s history. Fascinating article about the minivan’s manufacturing censure and Reunitems ab ovo.

Maggie Grant’s Sampler 111years old – UPDATE!

Maggie and her family have been located to Tomintoul, Scotland! Her old school, St Joseph’s which she notes at the foot of the Sampler is now the Smugglers Hostel, associated with SYHA. Discussion with the hostel has been opened in an attempt to find Maggie’s family if they remain in the locality, or to possibly ‘gift’ the sampler to the hostel in the meantime.

The local Press and community are being asked to help find Maggie’s descendants – if you can help, please contact me at

This Sampler is an example of an item which site users can list in the Genealogical section for sale or listed as a gift to a qualifying family member/descendant or commemorating organisation, eg local museum or historical society, military archive etc.

A question we are often asked is:
‘But if the lister sells this item to an un-connected buyer, ie. a non relative, isn’t that contrary to the purpose of the Genealogical section?’

The answer to this is, that we have created our Archive to which all Genealogical items remain in if gifted, and if they are offered for sale, the new buyer must commit to paying a £1 fee to put it in the Archive and to agree to consult with any family who may turn up later looking for the item this buyer is now the custodian of.

We believe most of our possessions will outlive us and therefore we are really only custodians of all our items. It is natural to become attached to ‘things’ and to value them. 111 years later this piece of work, perhaps a demonstration of a young girl’s potential to make a good wife, is an attractive and sought after item by family and by others who appreciate historical artefacts.

Reunitems at Indiegogo

Join us at our campaign on Indiegogo with perks to sign up, and potential to be gifted an original painting or print, and collectible photographic prints and samplers.

A Paris Apartment Discovery







A young Parisien women who had fled to the South of France in 1942 during the War, leaving behind her lavish apartment that she never returned to. Passed away 3 years ago at age 91, which is when real estate personnels investigated the apartment for the first time. They discovered a hidden trove of art work and antiques which has finally been exposed for the first time in 70 years.

With one piece that stood out from the other historic relics. A 19th century Italian painter Giovanni Boldini’s portrait of his muse, Marthe de Florian. In the painting, this famous Parisian socialite and actress is depicted wearing a beautiful revealing pink muslin dress. The painting was painted in 1888, when de Florian was just 24 years old. The painting itself has been valued at roughly £2 million.

In an interesting twist befitting of such a discovery, it turns out that the apartment’s late owner was none other than Marthe de Florian’s granddaughter. It is by the love notes and letters between de Florian and Boldini found at the apartment that the woman in the painting was identified.

Images Courtesy of Getty

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights

Stumbled across a delightful family tree illustration by artist Lizzie Stewart. Visit artist page by clicking on the drawing.

Troubles & Triumphs of Little Tim

Troubles and Triumphs of Little Time. Author Gregson Gow

Printed in the Book is the name Robert Roskell, Brook Farm Rawcliffe, 15th Sept 1804.

Maggie Grant, 1903

The sampler on display was hand-sewn by a young girl named Maggie Grant, in 1903. In an elementary school at St Joseph’s School probably aged between 8 and 10 at the time. Used as a test before a betrothal arranged by the family for the prospective husband’s perusal. Isn’t it amazing all the patience and care that has gone into producing it. We are putting together a crowd-funding campaign at the moment, which will feature this item. Check back to find out more soon..