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French Geneology

JK Rowling learning more about her roots on BBC Who do you think you are? Fascinating facts reveals her connections, with items from the past..


Annie Lennox’s Ancestors

Catch up on Annie Lennox’s quest to find out more about her ancestors at BBC One’s Who Do You Think You Are.

Carte De Visite


Carte De Visite of Queen Victoria on ‘Fyvie’ with John Brown at Balmoral. Circa 1863, Courtesy of National Galleries of Scotland Commons.


Reunitems wishes all a wonderful new year!

New Year’s Resolutions

2014 will be a year of…

  • Family History Research
  • Preserving Family Photographs
  • Interviewing Relatives
  • Discovering Ancestry Items
  • Fascinating History & Family Records
  • Tracing Family Trees
  • Revel In The Connection With People You Love

Vintage Items


Today we’re at The Corner Shop in Duke Street, Dennistoun. Jackie handpicked a few vintage and pre-loved clothes to feature on Get your hands on a pair of embroidered heels from Gina, London. Bid for it or buy it here at for your New Year’s outfit. Or visit Corner of Duke Street & Annbank St. Open on weekends.


Happy Holidays!